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  1. Click the button to Log In or go to

    Edmentum/Plato Login

  2. The following will appear:

    Plato Log In.png

  • Account Login: PUHSD
  • Username: Your Student’s
    • Example: If your student’s ID Number is 567954, Then the username is
  • Password: Your Student’s 8 digit birthdate
    • Example: If your student’s birthdate is 1/2/1998, Then the password is 01021998
      NOTE: Following these steps will log you in as your student. You will see exactly what they see. Logging in will stop the activity that they are currently on, because you are logging in as them. Do not worry, it will not affect them negatively, they will simply have to reopen it.
Once you are logged in, click on the following symbol to check your students progress: All My Work.png

Clicking on this will allow you to quickly see the progress makers that are explained on the next page, it will also allow you to see progress reports for each class by clicking:

Progress Report.png
A symbol like this means that you student is doing well, they are completing work faster than necessary to be successful. Ahead of Pace.png
A symbol like this means that your student is completing work at an appropriate rate to be successful On Pace.png
A symbol like this means that your student is not completing the amount of work necessary to be successful. Off Pace.png
A grey box with no running man and an overdue warning means that your student did not complete a course by the courses end date. This is bad, because they are having to complete make up work in this class while trying to pass their current classes. Overdue.png